What Is Causing Yellow Leaves On My Ficus Tree

Most people who own a ficus tree (ficus Benjamina) or the weeping fig, love its arching, glossy and large green leaves. However, if you notice it is not the green it should be, and see ficus leaves yellowing, there may be an issue.

The ficus tree needs bright indirect light through the south or west-facing window. The plant will also need to be watered regularly. If the ficus tree is not getting proper light or water, it may be yellow.

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Other problems may also cause yellow leaves on ficus trees, such as humidity and cold drafts. This article lists a few reasons why your ficus tree is not the beautiful green it should be.

Not Enough Water

A ficus tree needs to be watered multiple times a week. If you allow the soil to dry out, the leaves will start to yellow and fall off the branches.

An underwatered ficus tree will appear to have bright yellow leaves that will quickly drop off the plant. It is time to water your ficus if the soil is bone dry.

To fix under-watering issues, it is essential to water the ficus tree thoroughly. 

Completely soak the soil in water and allow all access water to drain from the plant. After this, continue to water the plant before the soil dries out completely to avoid this issue.

Too Much Water

If you are over-watering your ficus tree, the leaves will turn yellow and eventually fall off the branches. If you notice that your soil is constantly moist and is not dry at the top when you water it, you are overwatering your ficus.

It is essential also to allow all water to drain out of the pot when you water your plant. Any standing water can cause root rot and damage your plant’s roots.

To fix overwatering, wait until the top inch of the plant is dry to water the plant. If your plant has root rot, you should cut off the damaged roots so the plant can start fresh. Repot the plant in new soil so you do not have the old waterlogged soil.

It Needs A Brighter Environment

If your ficus tree is not getting enough light, it will start to turn yellow. The best thing to do is to move it to a brighter area of your home.

The best place would be north or west-facing window. These areas get the most indirect light throughout the day.

The ficus tree needs a significant amount of bright indirect light throughout the day, so if you notice it is in the shade or a darker area of the house, it is time to find a new place.

It Is Under an Air Vent

Ficus trees do not like cold drafts or any dry air. If you have it near an air vent where the air is consistently blowing on the tree, it is time to move it to a better area.

If this is still not solving the issue. You can spray or mist the ficus tree with water to create humidity for the plant.

Too Much Or Too Little Fertilizer

Yellowing leaves on a ficus tree are sometimes caused by insufficient fertilizer or too much. Using a general-purpose fertilizer during growing is essential to promote growth and nutrient-packed soil.

However, if you do not dilute the soil, it can cause stress on the roots. This would be noticeable with yellowing leaves and white patches in the soil.

To correct this issue, remove the ground that was not diluted and repot the tree in fresh soil. After that, wait until the next growing season to use any fertilizer.

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