This is My New Favorite Homesteading Video

If you thought gardening and homesteading channels were all boring shots of pretty cows and raised beds and cute kids, then you need a dose of A DAVE SINGLETON FILM:


Right from the opening warning, this video makes a bold entrance onto YouTube, and it gets better. At a few seconds in, Dave jumps a pile of cardboard. Then we get a magnificent set of weird edits with deceptively beautiful music running behind them, and zoom in on our victims: a cage full of fat Cornish Cross chickens.

The orange zooming circle ensures that our attention is fully focused on the doomed birds.

A strange mirror effect on a close-up of the chickens is followed by a well-framed and artist shot of flames, foreshadowing the chickens final destination – which is then followed by a whirling Sarlacc pit of rubber fingers.

It’s a sprint across the yard, then, and a non-sequitur look at a banana plant.

Then, Dad grabs the first bird and the slaughter harvest begins – and it just stays frenetic, entertaining, and downright weird, with lots of blurred out sections and completely retarded special effects.

And it’s brilliant.

My new favorite director of YouTube videos is Dave Singleton.

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Published at Wed, 21 Dec 2022 10:13:54 -0500

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