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I am very pleased to announce that at long last, we own our own house and land again.

The home is large enough for our entire family, plus we have roughly 15 acres of space for cows, chickens, gardens and trees. Now I can do long-term garden experiments without having to leave them!

The last month has been a whirlwind and I’ve barely posted on my blog or Youtube. Now, however, we are on the other side of our move, safely ensconced in a new home.

Recently, I have been asked multiple times “why do you move so much???”

You can read my recent post Five Gardens in Six Years explaining some of our winding journey. I wrote that post before nailing down our current homestead.

We moved overseas in 2016 and had to rent multiple places as we looked for land, then bought land and lived on it for less than a year, then were forced to move back during the pandemic and had to rent again.

Whew. I am glad that is over!

Two days ago I posted a video showing where we’re putting our new gardens.

And you can see – we now have actual SOIL:

And yesterday I posted a second video sharing the FIRST (or second) thing you should do on a new homestead.

In that one I’m joined by my daughter, and we build a compost bin for free in just a few minutes.

“I’m gonna make the YouTube thumbnail face!” she said.

She cracks me up.

That’s my daughter.

Our new place is beautiful – I really look forward to getting our fall gardens in. That is, once I figure out where all the slabs are. There is a LOT of slab out in the yard. We’ve found a sidewalk and part of a foundation so far.

We waited on the Lord… and He has more than taken care of us. Thank you, Father. And thank you, to all of you who were praying for us. I love this soil and this house and don’t ever want to move again.

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