My Bathtub Worm Bin is the Best Worm Bin Yet!

After months of use, I am very happy with this bathtub worm bin.

It’s a fertilizer-making machine! We throw in kitchen scraps, and we get rich leachate that the gardens love

Check out my new video on it right here.

Here’s the build video from almost exactly a year ago:

It’s so simple!

I got the idea from Geoff Lawton. He presents his here:

In the past I have kept worms in an old fridge, in a broken dishwasher and in a dual-stacked homemade Rubbermaid worm bin. This method is my favorite so far.

Lots and lots of good worm juice for the garden!

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Published at Thu, 02 Jun 2022 21:12:54 -0400

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