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Mediterranean Fruit Collection from T&M

Lemons make an attractive patio plant
Image: Mediterranean Fruit Collection from Thompson & Morgan

Whether you want a twist of lemon in your gin and tonic or something to squeeze over your paella, planting a lemon tree is a great way to make sure you have an easy supply of zesty fruits within easy reach. To help you grow your own exotic lemons here in the UK, we’ve put together this fantastic selection of independent articles, videos and Instagram posts packed with pruning advice, feeding guidance and troubleshooting tips.

And when you’re ready to try your hand at lemon growing, check out our collection of quality citrus trees, including dwarf varieties that are ideal for patio containers.

Paulo the Urban Farmer

Man sitting in front of lemon tree

Paulo includes lemons in his Mediterranean themed garden
Image: Paulo the Urban Farmer

Lemons are the ultimate Mediterranean fruit for Paulo the Urban Farmer, and there’s nothing he likes better than squeezing the fresh juice over his food. His top tip for successfully growing lemons during a wet British summer? Plant into a terracotta pot to remove excess water from the soil. Pick up more lemon-growing wisdom by watching Paulo’s fun video. And if you’re looking for more self-sufficiency tips, head over to his blog Self Sufficient Homesteading for more information.

John – Allotment & Gardens

Lemon tree flowers

Lemon flowers are delicate and gorgeously perfumed
Image: Shutterstock/mgequivalents

“It is usual to find both flowers and fruits on the plants,” says John at his blog Allotment & Gardens. Lemon trees flower and fruit through much of the year so your tree continuously bears both at the same time, he explains. “The fruits can take up to a year to ripen,” he adds, so patience is key. Read John’s article to find even more interesting lemon growing tips.

Ali Raja Bagan Bari UK

Unripe lemon trees on tree

A lemon tree clone can produce fruits in about three years
Image: Shutterstock

Do you want to grow more lemons? Learn how to clone your lemon tree using Ali Raja’s simple air layering technique. All you need, aside from a mature lemon tree and a large dose of patience, is a Stanley knife, two plastic cups and a bit of soil! Get the full method from this fantastic father-and-son team over at their YouTube channel Ali Raja Bagan Bari UK.

Helen – @fromthefoxsgarden

Hand holding up lemon seedling in pot

Try sowing your own lemon seed as a fun challenge
Image: @fromthefoxsgarden

When Instagrammer Helen of @fromthefoxsgarden couldn’t get hold of a lemon tree during lockdown, she grew her own! “This little thing isn’t going to be producing lemons anytime soon but I have loved watching it grow,” she says. Want to try your own project? Helen recommends germinating your seeds on wet paper, in a sealed jar, in the airing cupboard.

Simon – Garden of Eaden

Lemon tree covered in fruit

Lemon trees love hot, sunny conditions
Image: Shutterstock/Deborah Lee Rossiter

Is your lemon tree dropping leaves? It could be down to overwatering, says Simon at his information-packed blog Garden of Eaden. “As soon as the nights begin to cool, you must allow the top few inches of compost to become dry,” he says. Find out which lemon variety Simon thinks is best suited to cooler climates in his article: Can I grow a lemon tree in the UK?

Lee – Project Diaries

Man potting on lemon plant

Give your lemons room to thrive by potting them on
Image: Project Diaries

If your lemon leaves are curling at the edge or yellowing, don’t worry. Lee, of the popular YouTube channel Project Diaries, suggests that it may be something as simple as overzealous watering or a tight pot. With some top tips to get your lemon tree back on track, his helpful video helps you diagnose & treat leaf curl. It’s a great watch to prevent future problems, and you can see how Lee’s own lemon seedlings are coming on at the same time!

Gardeners Cottage Blakeney

Hand holding first harvested lemon

There’s nothing better than picking your first harvest of bright yellow lemons
Image: Gardeners Cottage Blakeney

Keep an eye on the frost warnings at the end of autumn, advise the garden experts at YouTube channel Gardeners Cottage Blakeney. Their Norfolk-grown lemon trees spend the winter months in an unheated greenhouse to keep them safe from frost damage. Check out their video to pick up more tips to keep your lemons healthy through the chilly winter months.

Cheryl – @chebbscooper

Lemon tree as a houseplant

Lemon trees make attractive houseplants during winter
Image: @chebbscooper

Dry heat from central heating can play havoc with your lemon tree, warns Instagrammer Cheryl at her page @chebbscooper. “From past experiences the lemon tree doesn’t like it and may shed the smaller lemons,” she explains. Her productive little lemon tree comes inside over winter, but a greenhouse is the best way to go, she says.

Stephanie – The Enduring Gardener

Citrus Trellis Collection (House Plant)

You’ll know your citrus trees are thriving when they’re covered in glossy green foliage
Image: Citrus Trellis Collection (House Plant) from Thompson & Morgan

Spray your lemon tree with rainwater over winter, advises garden expert Stephanie, AKA The Enduring Gardener. “Spraying helps combat any possible red spider mite infestation as they hate humidity,” she explains. It also reduces the likelihood of leaf drop whilst your plant is indoors, she says. Check out Stephanie’s thriving lemons in her summer update article: Oranges & Lemons.

Vinny – Fruit Nut

Freshly harvested lemons on a table

Lemon ‘Eureka’ is a great variety for growing in the UK
Image: Fruit Nut

Lemon ‘Eureka’ is YouTuber Vinny’s favourite lemon variety to grow in the UK. His top tip for growing lemon ‘Eureka’ is to avoid feeding during the winter months. Your tree won’t use the fertiliser in the cold, he explains. See his own bountiful lemon harvest for yourself as he picks a zesty feast at his channel Fruit Nut.

Michelle – Veg Plotting

Lemon citrus trellis house plant from Thompson & Morgan

Citrus tree are both productive and ornamental
Image: Lemon citrus trellis house plant from Thompson & Morgan

Want to get the most out of your lemon crop? Use your lemons to make an elderflower cordial like blogger Michelle, followed by a refreshing lemon sorbet reusing the same fruits! “The outcome is absolutely delicious and as I’ve reused one of the main ingredients, I’ve essentially made a luxury item for just a few pence per portion,” she says. Transform your precious crop using the mouth-watering recipes over at Veg Plotting.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this lemon masterclass. Have you got a special lemon tree you’d like to share? Get in touch via social media using the tag #YourTMGarden!

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