I’m Planting Fruit Tree Seeds Again

I can’t take it.

Every grapefruit… every apple… every pomegranate…

They call to me. They say, “care for our children!”

I have about 15 acres now, so why not plant lots of seedlings?

I just finished reading Cato’s De Agricultura, and in it he describes how to create a nursery bed for pear and apple seeds. That was 2200 years ago. And somehow we now think that planting fruit tree seeds will give us lousy plants.

Modern agriculture and science have stolen from us the joy of experimentation and the love of life.

I’m currently looking for some local Satsuma seeds to plant.

Today I have to figure out what to do about the ducks. I think I’ll just put up 3′ tall chicken wire to keep them out of the gardens.

If that doesn’t stop them, they’re all headed to freezer camp.

By the way, if you haven’t read Free Plants for Everyone, I think you’ll like it. In it I talk a lot about the beauty of plant propagation and seed-grown trees.

I’m headed out to go pot some plants up. If I finish that in time – and decide what to do with the ducks – I’m totally going to plant more fruit tree seeds. If not today, then tomorrow.

They call to me.

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Published at Thu, 03 Nov 2022 12:26:16 -0400

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