Could you feed your plants without buying any fertilizer?

This is how we feed a garden for free with fermented plant juice, AKA Dave’s Fetid Swamp Water. I thought I was clever, but the Koreans were hundreds of years ahead of me.

From the description of my latest video:

“If there was a fertilizer shortage, would you still be able to grow a garden? Do you know how to turn weeds into fertilizer? Today you’ll learn how to make your own liquid fertilizer/compost tea from readily available materials, like weeds, chicken manure, food scraps and more.”

This is the shirt I wore in the video. It was an original design by my friend Aardvark, who I greatly miss.

Do you see how easy it is to make fertilizer? I’m not worried about feeding my backyard gardens if there is a serious fertilizer shortage. The shortage will be terrible for the price of purchased food, but it won’t affect those of us who are growing our own food organically and know how to scavenge what we need to keep the garden fed.

Also, I love the way the old Minolta lens I used in this video looks. Check out these freeze frames:

fertilizer shortage

Yes. I am a nerd. I love my weird lenses.


How To Make Free Liquid Fertilizer from Almost Anything

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