Dad Builds $3,000 Chicken Coop To Get 16 Cent Eggs For Free

The Babylon Bee reports:

BIRMINGHAM, AL—According to sources, local dad Dave Manheart recently completed a project that will help enable his family to save money on groceries. After much research and 10 weekends of hard labor, Dave has succeeded in constructing a backyard chicken coop. With a small investment of just $3000 on lumber and supplies, he now can get 16¢ eggs for free.  

“With the supply chain issues and inflation, it’s important to be independent,” said Manheart. “Plus, this new chicken coop will look really great on my wife’s Instagram feed, which is what this whole thing is really about.”

Local witnesses described Manheart’s pride in the newly constructed chicken coop as “really cute.” His wife assured reporters that they will enjoy eating ten eggs a day since they are free.

This is very close to accurate, as I have written before.

It’s very important to stack functions with chickens so you don’t end up blowing tons of money on a few eggs. Get them working for you!

My thoughts:

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